Let your music breathe


Would like to have your recordings to have a natural sounding mix at an affordable price? Let me offer my online mixing services for you! You only have to complete the form below and I will send you a link to a Dropbox folder where you can upload your tracks. You can send audio tracks, complete Pro Tools projects up to version 11 or OMF files.

Up to 24 tracks

Per song price of smaller projects up to 24 tracks

More than 24 tracks

Per song price of medium size projects with 25-48 tracks

What I can do?

Mostly I like mixing acoustic music, jazz, blues, minimal. You will get a natural sounding, clear mix. Check the references below!

Working online

We will use Dropbox to send tracks and mixes to eachother


About me

Music has been in my life since 1985 when I started learning classical guitar at the age of 6. Since then I have earned my degree as an electrical engineer and sound technician, as well as attended a Mix With The Masters session in 2013 led by Al Schmitt. I’m a musician in a band called Mojo Workings playing acoustic guitar and stomp box and singing since we started in 2011. I seriously began focusing on mixing with my band’s material after which I created a workspace for myself with the gear listed below. Hope we can work together soon!

János Horváth


  • Acoustically treated room
  • Neumann KH 120 studio monitor
  • AKG K501
  • Apogee Quartet
  • iMac i5 quad core
  • UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt Quad Core
  • Pro Tools 11.3.1.
  • UAD-2 Powered Plug-ins
  • Waves Gold Bundle